Endus (?)


I haven’t posted in so long. This is mainly because nothing happens in my life any more, and I continue to forget that this blog exists.

I believe that I am going to let this blog die. Maybe I’ll start posting again later, but for now, I do not care to blog any longer.

It’s been a great ride, Divergent.


Why yes it has. No, I am not dead. The sudden shortage of posts simply came with the March Break, and nothing happening in my life. I usually post about things that happen daily, happiness, sad times, mad times, bad times, you know? When nothing happens in my life, what do I post about?

I’m back into the routine school/waste time/sleep schedule, even though I’m having 3 to 5 days off at a time from school… I wake up on weekends and wait till I can go back to bed, basically. I find some way to amuse myself, whether this be thru going out or simply playing video games for hours on end. The problem is, Booger ate my headset cord, ruining 300 dollar headphones. I didn’t have warranty, and after buying a new pair, he did it again. I’m trying to send them to Sennheiser to get them repaired (for likely millions of dollars) – if not, I have my eyes on another headset I can buy. Without a headset, I can’t really play Counter-Strike, or go on vent, and this sucks. For video games, I’ve really only been playing Warhammer Online here and there.

Persia came up from California and spent two days here. I’m seeing her at Brad’s house again tomorrow, we’re going to make a cake and celebrate her birthday a little bit, with presents and all. I didn’t go to school Monday or Tuesday, I stayed home with Persia, we didn’t even leave the house; it started snowing again… Luckily it’s already melted. I went to school today, and I’m going tomorrow. It’s so amazingly simple, really. I have Friday off, and then I can just sit around for the four day weekend. (Monday is also off)

I feel kind of stressed for some reason; but there are no factors negatively effecting my life. I get this feeling here and there, and usually some food and a shower fix this up. I just want to get on Ventrilo and hang around, but I CAN’T BECAUSE THAT STUPID CAT ATE MY HEADSET. For some reason this is a really big deal.

I’m still working on that crazy Daft Punk art project. Programming class is not going so well, but I’m working on getting my mark back to a pass. I hope to do really well on the summative, which I think I will begin working on sometime tonight, out of boredom.

There’s honestly nothing to post about. Oh– I saw a car crash today. Kind of cool.

Later, Divergent.

this post sucked.

March Break


March Break is over. Tomorrow is March 23rd, and this month will soon be done. I can remember March starting, and I was kind of shocked how fast this year had been going by. This week has been great, I really enjoyed it. This week really fixed all issues of stress and negativity.

The problem is, now, that it is all over, the stress and negativity has been painted onto my mind again. I feel so off, and for the past few hours I’ve been anxious and lost. I know that this odd feeling is just a combination of sadness that the break is over, the feeling of missing my parents, friends and home; if I’m going to be at school, I won’t see any of that as much. Even though school is only for a few hours a day, I still don’t really see my parents. After every break I feel as if I haven’t spent enough time with them at all; even on weekends it’s like that sometimes.

It’s just difficult to go back to school after a break. I know that after a few weeks it should be back to normal, but getting from here to there is not a step away. This week will probably not be all that great, and I’m willing to accept that, but I can make it good. If I think positively when waking up in the morning, and get out of bed and get ready, prepared to take on the world, I’ll be alright. I love those days when I wake up and I seem to be on the bus within minutes. On those days my body does everything by itself, and it’s easy. Tomorrow morning will be a total drag, if I make it one. If I hop out of bed smiling, it’ll be easy.

Class seems to be the only problem here. Are all of my classes bad? No.

Math is the big problem, overall. Math seems to be the whole war, and my English class is just a battle, you know? English pops up as a sidebar every now and then, with a due date for a book like I have now. I’m half-way through a book that has to be finished for Tuesday. I haven’t read it in weeks. I don’t think I even will. I really hate my English teacher, the projects we do are so stupid, and the things we do in class seem like a waste of time. It’s not really difficult to have it done; the work just sucks. All of my classes are pretty damn easy, even Math: because I do nothing in that class, and I’m not falling like a rock from the sky anymore… I’ve already hit the ground.

I just want my life to be back to normal. I want no interruptions from here till summer.

Now -> Summer

Doesn’t that make it really simple? I don’t want any lunch breaks, minutes in between class, weekends or holidays. 5 hours of class, 7 days a week. I just want to know the exact number of days until summer.

But it can’t work like that, and there is always things in the way like social life, the internet, girls, video games, time.

I think it would be best for me to just sleep now, and wake up tomorrow and enjoy the day, but I’m not tired. I have to really work on getting my sleep schedule back on track. I think going to bed at 11 or 12 every night would be good.

Alright, I’m going to go waste some time until I’m tired. I’ve realized I write for only myself now, not for any readers. I don’t even care about the number of readers there are.



“Reckless is the greatest person in the world.

I may have just finished the most disturbing film I’ve ever seen. I am rarely actually disturbed by movies, thoughts aren’t usually even provoked afterwards. This movie has made me feel like I’m going to vomit.

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas isĀ  about a boy, who’s father is a commander of a concentration camp, during the second world war. There isn’t a given time, but I mean that’s obvious.

I’m really not going to say anything about the plot, well, deep into the plot. I don’t want to ruin the movie for anyone reading who may watch it. I really suggest you watch this movie; it’s very interesting, moving, and whoever made it did a great job on it. The shots and music, acting and setting is great.

You can find the WHOLE movie on YouTube, in seperate parts. Thanks to ‘metalheadalldaway4lf

Here is the first part:


look in the related videos to find all the other parts, ending at part 10.

Bite Size


I often wish that this blog was more of a micro blog than what it has become today.

I just want to post “I’m doing this.”, Twitter style. Every time I am at my computer I can send and update, and quickly lay out my thoughts.

I guess I could do that here, but it just doesn’t seem right… I really need to mind dump, so hello “New Post” button, goodbye whatever the hell I was just doing.

School: Two more days, then nine days of March Break. I have no real plans for March break, but we’ll see what goes down. I think it’ll most likely be a Monster-driven late-night gamefest, a few nights over at friends for LANs and all that crazy geeky stuff; and hopefully I can just relax, de-stress and sleep.

School isn’t a big deal. It really isn’t. I’m just sick of waking up early, and being stuck in the building for all those hours.

The next thought on my mind is my Art project, which of course relates to school; but I actually like my art class. We’re doing these masks/helmets, and I’ve chosen to the Daft Punk helemet, not Bangleter’s, which is more common, but Guy’s. I think it’s going to turn out really awesome, but it’s such a god damned difficult thing to make. What’s really cool about this project is that Josh is doing Bangleter’s helmet. I can’t wait to see these masks all done.

Another school related thing: my Civics project. I’m done. I think I did an alright job, I just want to hand it in and get it off my chest for good. I’ll hand it in tomorrow.

I’m doing a website for Mitch’s dad, Trevor. I think the domain will be pondscapes.ca — he’s going to be starting up a business making garden ponds. I can’t wait to see this website done, as I’ve advanced much more in website building since the last one I did for HRP, even though that was nothing special. Since this site is business related, and much more professional, it’ll be quite a bit different.

Is that all that’s really on my mind? Yeah… it seems so. I don’t know why, but I feel like my brain is backed up. I feel like there is more there, but there isn’t, and when I search for those thoughts, they don’t come out. I’m going to go to bed, wake up, go to school, and come home. I’m thinking of the day in chunks like that.

As soon as Friday is over, I can let my brain heal for a whole 9 days. March Break is going to be wonderful.

In general, human knowledge is all of the knowledge and research we have put together as a race. We’ve learned all about our own bodies, other animals, and even space. But what’s really interesting about all this is where it ends.
Where does our knowledge end? What truly are our limits as advanced humans?

Here’s a fun experiment that will really hurt your brain. Think of all the colours in the world. Think of everything you’ve seen, think about it’s colours. Go through each colour, imagining it in your head. Now try and think of another colour that you have never seen before. Make up a colour, just imagine it in your head, a sea of this new colour.

It is not possible.

Sure you can mix red and yellow or something, but that’s just going to make a pinkish colour, which is already there. Truth is, we can only see so many colours. The spectrum isn’t any bigger.

Here’s another one: think of how big the universe is. We live in the Milky Way galaxy, which is just a tiny little dot in the universe. Where does the universe end? Does it ever end? Can it be measured? How big is it really?

Your brain must hurt already.

And how about this one? What is it like to be dead?

Those are just some thoughts I’ve been having lately. Ever since seeing this show on the discovery channel about space, I keep thinking about it.

Sorry for not posting a lot. It’s March now though, and after this week of school it’s March break. This blog has been going on for quite a while. And yeah, I’m aware of how horribly written this post is.