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Gustav and Hanna, two large hurricanes, with winds up to 120 MPH, and heading for a bad place. It’s been around three years since hurricane Katrina wiped out all of New Orleans; and it’ll be happening again. Stores are closing down, people are evacuating… By the end of today, everyone will be closed up and […]



I know this is the type of thing to make your mouthes flap open and shout “OLD!” – But I have to post this. Even though this is years old, and has been seen by millions, it’s shocking how many haven’t seen the movie. Head on over to to see the movie. I recommend […]

                                                            Nice shirt. huh? I’ve got something much like that, ya, that’s right. (Except mine is a t-shirt.) The ‘resistance fist’ is a symbol I use very often in many of my writings, artworks, signatures, everything. I’ve always loved the symbol, and hope that one day I could use it and portray it with meaning. […]

Got A Problem?


Got a problem with the world? Got a problem with the government? A group of people, or a way of life? Write. Write to influence the general populace of the world. Incourage others to change themselves, to in turn change the world. Fixing people, fixing problems. Good things are done every day. If you want something […]

An outbreak of the fairly common bacteria listeria/listeriosis has infected Southern Ontario, killing the three people so far. It’s a serious loss, and a shock to Canadian citizens, no one would ever expect such a thing to come from one of our safest producers. Who? How? The source has been tracked back to the Maple Leaf plant […]



Each Sunday, the day ending the week has a ritual, almost. Each Sunday I wake up to loud, annoying music coming from the music channels on the Roger’s box, yelling, talking, and cleaning. House cleaning day is Sunday, pretty much; any other tasks are normally done this day too. This is the second Sunday until […]

I know I’ve already posted one about Pure Pwnage, but this just must be heard. If you didn’t know that episode 18 was coming out today; (Yesterday, since it says this is the 24th) now you do! It was a funny episode, amusing and it really did move the story further. The show actually showed […]