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I stayed home from school today, I woke up to my alarm, stood up, and then fell back down into bed. My alarm may have continued to go off, I’m not sure. My father came into my room, it must’ve been around 7:00. He knew that I was getting sick, and questioned if I wanted […]



Firstly, I am getting sick. I have no other words for such an experience other than “Crap.” – No, it is not all that intelligent to say, no, it is not what I should be thinking; that being negatively. I managed to sneeze all over the mirror this morning, shooting nasal mucus all over the […]

Living Darfur


God do I ever want to take a trip to Africa… This video is simply amazing. No, I didn’t post this because I want to go there, and it’s not the VIDEO itself that makes me want to take a trip there. This video is simply amazing, though. Mattafix – Living Darfur See the nation […]

The U.S. Presidential election is just four weeks away. A lot of things are going to change in the coming months, and what will it change? It seems most of us don’t even care, of course us Canadians don’t have to, but a lot of American citizens don’t even understand what’s going un, let alone […]

Here we go, another one of those personal mind-dump like posts; that for some reason so many of you enjoy reading… It’s Friday. That two word sentence is 11 characters, three syllables and two words. But it is also the sentence that never fails to cheer me up. I wake up at 6:30 in the […]

1, 2, 3, 4!


Maybe I shouldn’t have been so prejudice about programming class. I had the class again today, and we’re done with binary, and moved onto something a little more difficult. We’re on our Turing unit, and now I’m happy that we are. Turns out I’m pretty good with Turing, even though I’ve only used it maybe […]

Ever convert decimal to binary? Ever convert binary to decimal? Doesn’t this all seem a little old? What am I going to bring up next, Turing!? Why yes, I am going to bring up Turing. Because that’s what I get to learn in my wonderful Computer Programming class; “Yay!” I said in a sarcastic voice […]