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Daniel Gardner


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Far Cry 2


I pirated Far Cry 2 last night, in hopes to play it when I got back from school today. Installed it, cracked it, and started up the game. At first, it didn’t work, but after installing DirectX 10 stuff, it finally worked! I was happy to play a game with great graphics, I haven’t seen […]

Why Life?


As October rushes quickly past, I wonder every day: “What the hell am I doing?” – I wake up on weekdays, I get ready, and I go to school. After school, I come home, I amuse myself by doing something, then I go to bed. The same cycle is repeated, and I feel myself rolling […]

5 Friends


As if this does anything.

Everything is going wrong. I don’t want to do this, I just want to sleep, when I wake up, it’s all gone. Make it happen, please. A friend that recently moved to California came back for a visit; now she’s gone. I spent the night having great fun with friends; now that’s over, it’s 10:00 […]

Yeah, read the title. Why is it that I am a god? Because I own a Dyson Motorhead – I can vacuum up shizz at 7,000 RPM; what about you? This isn’t just a vacuum, it looks like a space-aged machine of death. The main handle piece looks more like I could fire a high-velocity […]



Didn’t post again, yesterday, but I wasn’t here. That means I am excused, shutup. I spent yesterday, and into the early morning at Brad’s, same thing as that huge Halo-LAN-party-thing, but it was just him and I. We played some GameBattles matches as a 2v2 team, PinkDown. It was an interesting night, except for the […]