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Coming home on the bus today, some girl laughed at me at the end of the ride. I am unsure if it was because I look funny, or the way I had gotten up from my seat and exited out of the front doors. Hmph… Bitch. It seems that I post about my day each […]

What the hell? YouTube is in widescreen now?! Hey, that’s two posts that are extremely short. I’ll try and find an actual article or something about this. This is just odd.

Ninety Percent


I got a 90 percent on an English presentation I did today. You can go die in a hole.



This weekend was a good one, and I’m glad to share about it. Friday was typical, the school-day wasn’t bad, as my mood was greatly increased knowing that there was a weekend to come. Saturday ended up in a long, long night of playing Halo 3 at Brad’s house again; we also watched a bit […]

I’ve come to realize that today’s main-stream rap is horrible. Some have already been disgusted by it; and millions still listen to that shit. In my eyes, most of the shit produced after 2003-2004 is horrible. Today’s hip-hop and rap music has been ruined by ‘artists’ such as T-Pain, Lil Wayne, Soulja Boy, and many […]

MLG (Major League Gaming; released a trailer a few days ago. It’s mainly just text, stating “It’s coming.” – with voices in the background saying things like “That’s amazing!” But what gives it away is that there is the sound of a can being opened up, and a drink being poured into a glass. […]

My new favourite band.