Generally: Life


So I just finished reading a book for school, “Obasan” (it was shitty), and after I finish, I think about the book for a few minutes. Then I begin to think about what I’m going to have to do as a project involving the book; and how I really wish to explain how bad the book is written. The author constantly attempted to be descriptive, which is good, but she went too far.  Sentences were usually paragraphs, each with 20+ adjectives.
From those thoughts I moved onto school, in general. I actually got really happy.

There are 4 more months of school, and the last one is a joke. So really, 3 months of actual school. February is halfway over.  Next month is Marcho, that means that I have March break somewhere in there. I didn’t even have school today, it was “Family Day” — totally awesome.

It’s great to think how easy school really is… I’m not getting great marks, but as long as I get it over with. I’m going to have to take summer school for math, which sucks, but meh. And summer school won’t even be that bad with just one class. Summer is going to be absolutely amazing.

I don’t have to think of much else in life except school: it is my only (unpaid) job. We were talking after dinner last night, me and the family, about what my sister and I will do when we are older. My dad said that the best job would be an electrician or a plumber. As an electrician, you can go to school, apprentice for two years, start your own business, and pay yourself 50 dollars an hour or something. For me to live reasonably well I’d have to make 35 dollars an hour, we decided. I just want an apartment, internet, cable, groceries, a car, clothing.

100% serious: I’ll be an electrician. I just don’t know where to start.

Tomorrow is Tuesday, and I only have four days of school this week. It’s all just so easy… if you keep it simple.


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