That is something I’ve been thinking a lot about recently. Life is just so god damn awesome, if you think about it. I don’t see anything to complain about, if I think positively. I might say that waking up early tomorrow morning sucks, and it yes, it does; but I let it slip out of my mind. I’m no longer sick, I’ve had a generally easy and laid back weekend, course selection for next year is done, and there are 4 more months of school.

Speaking of school: I went in on Thursday, and thought to myself “What the hell am I doing?” — in the courses I wasn’t doing too well in, I stopped trying. I was nonchalant about not doing any work, and acted like not handing anything in was okay.

On Thursday I slapped myself in the face. I went into programming class and tried to write the code, even though I struggled. I actually got pretty far, with a little help from the teacher. All she wants from is a sign that I’m trying, she wants to know I actually care, and then we can work towards getting the credit.

The same thing is going to happen in my Math class. It’s actually really is to just take my books, and write notes. Even if I can’t do the work, I should at least TRY; how do I know I can’t do it? How am I going to have better luck in summer school?

My sister says the positive attitude won’t last long; I’m just not a stick-to-it guy… I hope she’s not right, because I’m really liking the way I’m thinking right now.

It’s all about staying positive, and doing well in my only jobs.

I love laughing, I love smiling; I love making others laugh, and I love seeing a genuine smile on someone else. Your personality can be infectious, and a happy bite spreads positive poison in others. I look forward to next weekend; I look forward to summer; I look forward to next year. It stretches pretty far.

Booger is cute.


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  1. 1 gordy!!!!

    you suck!!! ur cs:s clan are noobs!

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