Bite Size


I often wish that this blog was more of a micro blog than what it has become today.

I just want to post “I’m doing this.”, Twitter style. Every time I am at my computer I can send and update, and quickly lay out my thoughts.

I guess I could do that here, but it just doesn’t seem right… I really need to mind dump, so hello “New Post” button, goodbye whatever the hell I was just doing.

School: Two more days, then nine days of March Break. I have no real plans for March break, but we’ll see what goes down. I think it’ll most likely be a Monster-driven late-night gamefest, a few nights over at friends for LANs and all that crazy geeky stuff; and hopefully I can just relax, de-stress and sleep.

School isn’t a big deal. It really isn’t. I’m just sick of waking up early, and being stuck in the building for all those hours.

The next thought on my mind is my Art project, which of course relates to school; but I actually like my art class. We’re doing these masks/helmets, and I’ve chosen to the Daft Punk helemet, not Bangleter’s, which is more common, but Guy’s. I think it’s going to turn out really awesome, but it’s such a god damned difficult thing to make. What’s really cool about this project is that Josh is doing Bangleter’s helmet. I can’t wait to see these masks all done.

Another school related thing: my Civics project. I’m done. I think I did an alright job, I just want to hand it in and get it off my chest for good. I’ll hand it in tomorrow.

I’m doing a website for Mitch’s dad, Trevor. I think the domain will be — he’s going to be starting up a business making garden ponds. I can’t wait to see this website done, as I’ve advanced much more in website building since the last one I did for HRP, even though that was nothing special. Since this site is business related, and much more professional, it’ll be quite a bit different.

Is that all that’s really on my mind? Yeah… it seems so. I don’t know why, but I feel like my brain is backed up. I feel like there is more there, but there isn’t, and when I search for those thoughts, they don’t come out. I’m going to go to bed, wake up, go to school, and come home. I’m thinking of the day in chunks like that.

As soon as Friday is over, I can let my brain heal for a whole 9 days. March Break is going to be wonderful.


One Response to “Bite Size”

  1. 1 Persiarain

    And as soon as your march break is over……
    the most amazing person you’re ever gonna know,
    is coming
    to visit đŸ˜€
    I love the new layoutt

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