March Break


March Break is over. Tomorrow is March 23rd, and this month will soon be done. I can remember March starting, and I was kind of shocked how fast this year had been going by. This week has been great, I really enjoyed it. This week really fixed all issues of stress and negativity.

The problem is, now, that it is all over, the stress and negativity has been painted onto my mind again. I feel so off, and for the past few hours I’ve been anxious and lost. I know that this odd feeling is just a combination of sadness that the break is over, the feeling of missing my parents, friends and home; if I’m going to be at school, I won’t see any of that as much. Even though school is only for a few hours a day, I still don’t really see my parents. After every break I feel as if I haven’t spent enough time with them at all; even on weekends it’s like that sometimes.

It’s just difficult to go back to school after a break. I know that after a few weeks it should be back to normal, but getting from here to there is not a step away. This week will probably not be all that great, and I’m willing to accept that, but I can make it good. If I think positively when waking up in the morning, and get out of bed and get ready, prepared to take on the world, I’ll be alright. I love those days when I wake up and I seem to be on the bus within minutes. On those days my body does everything by itself, and it’s easy. Tomorrow morning will be a total drag, if I make it one. If I hop out of bed smiling, it’ll be easy.

Class seems to be the only problem here. Are all of my classes bad? No.

Math is the big problem, overall. Math seems to be the whole war, and my English class is just a battle, you know? English pops up as a sidebar every now and then, with a due date for a book like I have now. I’m half-way through a book that has to be finished for Tuesday. I haven’t read it in weeks. I don’t think I even will. I really hate my English teacher, the projects we do are so stupid, and the things we do in class seem like a waste of time. It’s not really difficult to have it done; the work just sucks. All of my classes are pretty damn easy, even Math: because I do nothing in that class, and I’m not falling like a rock from the sky anymore… I’ve already hit the ground.

I just want my life to be back to normal. I want no interruptions from here till summer.

Now -> Summer

Doesn’t that make it really simple? I don’t want any lunch breaks, minutes in between class, weekends or holidays. 5 hours of class, 7 days a week. I just want to know the exact number of days until summer.

But it can’t work like that, and there is always things in the way like social life, the internet, girls, video games, time.

I think it would be best for me to just sleep now, and wake up tomorrow and enjoy the day, but I’m not tired. I have to really work on getting my sleep schedule back on track. I think going to bed at 11 or 12 every night would be good.

Alright, I’m going to go waste some time until I’m tired. I’ve realized I write for only myself now, not for any readers. I don’t even care about the number of readers there are.


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