It’s Been A Long Time


Why yes it has. No, I am not dead. The sudden shortage of posts simply came with the March Break, and nothing happening in my life. I usually post about things that happen daily, happiness, sad times, mad times, bad times, you know? When nothing happens in my life, what do I post about?

I’m back into the routine school/waste time/sleep schedule, even though I’m having 3 to 5 days off at a time from school… I wake up on weekends and wait till I can go back to bed, basically. I find some way to amuse myself, whether this be thru going out or simply playing video games for hours on end. The problem is, Booger ate my headset cord, ruining 300 dollar headphones. I didn’t have warranty, and after buying a new pair, he did it again. I’m trying to send them to Sennheiser to get them repaired (for likely millions of dollars) – if not, I have my eyes on another headset I can buy. Without a headset, I can’t really play Counter-Strike, or go on vent, and this sucks. For video games, I’ve really only been playing Warhammer Online here and there.

Persia came up from California and spent two days here. I’m seeing her at Brad’s house again tomorrow, we’re going to make a cake and celebrate her birthday a little bit, with presents and all. I didn’t go to school Monday or Tuesday, I stayed home with Persia, we didn’t even leave the house; it started snowing again… Luckily it’s already melted. I went to school today, and I’m going tomorrow. It’s so amazingly simple, really. I have Friday off, and then I can just sit around for the four day weekend. (Monday is also off)

I feel kind of stressed for some reason; but there are no factors negatively effecting my life. I get this feeling here and there, and usually some food and a shower fix this up. I just want to get on Ventrilo and hang around, but I CAN’T BECAUSE THAT STUPID CAT ATE MY HEADSET. For some reason this is a really big deal.

I’m still working on that crazy Daft Punk art project. Programming class is not going so well, but I’m working on getting my mark back to a pass. I hope to do really well on the summative, which I think I will begin working on sometime tonight, out of boredom.

There’s honestly nothing to post about. Oh– I saw a car crash today. Kind of cool.

Later, Divergent.

this post sucked.

One Response to “It’s Been A Long Time”

  1. 1 Persiarain

    ❤ party tonight 🙂

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