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Last night I told about the secret. It feels really great letting out, and I was more than happy with the reactions I receieved. I was rather impressed of my accomplishments myself, but the comments and talk that followed promptly after me telling family the secret were pleasing. So here is the secret: Esperanto. You’re […]

YouTube got yet another feature sometime in the past little while. This new feature makes videos (only videos over 20 minutes long, it seems) easier to watch, as it dulls down the whole page except the video. When everything is greyed out, all that distracting white dissapears, and the text is gone; it is much […]

I just found out that Booger enjoys the taste of Monster Khaos. I was sitting in the living room with the family, just after the big 12:00 (happy new years, faggots) – and I put some Monster on my finger, and held it out to Booger, who was sitting on my lap. He lapped it […]

I am back from my week or so of absence! I arrived home yesterday, but I was in the mood to do everything but post here… I don’t know why, I just didn’t really feel like writing– today I decided to write the post that I really do not want to: the explanation of the […]



Dear readerfags, I’ll be leaving for the Toronto airport at around 2:00 AM – the annual family vacation to Mexico has come around. I’m looking forward to going, it should be fun, it usually is. I’ll be back in a week, and I’ll post about the vacation and what went down… That is unless the […]

Booger smells of marshmallows and cereal today.

MLG (Major League Gaming; released a trailer a few days ago. It’s mainly just text, stating “It’s coming.” – with voices in the background saying things like “That’s amazing!” But what gives it away is that there is the sound of a can being opened up, and a drink being poured into a glass. […]