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Endus (?)


I haven’t posted in so long. This is mainly because nothing happens in my life any more, and I continue to forget that this blog exists. I believe that I am going to let this blog die. Maybe I’ll start posting again later, but for now, I do not care to blog any longer. It’s […]

Why yes it has. No, I am not dead. The sudden shortage of posts simply came with the March Break, and nothing happening in my life. I usually post about things that happen daily, happiness, sad times, mad times, bad times, you know? When nothing happens in my life, what do I post about? I’m […]

March Break


March Break is over. Tomorrow is March 23rd, and this month will soon be done. I can remember March starting, and I was kind of shocked how fast this year had been going by. This week has been great, I really enjoyed it. This week really fixed all issues of stress and negativity. The problem […]

I may have just finished the most disturbing film I’ve ever seen. I am rarely actually disturbed by movies, thoughts aren’t usually even provoked afterwards. This movie has made me feel like I’m going to vomit. The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas isĀ  about a boy, who’s father is a commander of a concentration camp, […]

Bite Size


I often wish that this blog was more of a micro blog than what it has become today. I just want to post “I’m doing this.”, Twitter style. Every time I am at my computer I can send and update, and quickly lay out my thoughts. I guess I could do that here, but it […]

In general, human knowledge is all of the knowledge and research we have put together as a race. We’ve learned all about our own bodies, other animals, and even space. But what’s really interesting about all this is where it ends. Where does our knowledge end? What truly are our limits as advanced humans? Here’s […]



+. Positive. That is something I’ve been thinking a lot about recently. Life is just so god damn awesome, if you think about it. I don’t see anything to complain about, if I think positively. I might say that waking up early tomorrow morning sucks, and it yes, it does; but I let it slip […]