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Endus (?)


I haven’t posted in so long. This is mainly because nothing happens in my life any more, and I continue to forget that this blog exists. I believe that I am going to let this blog die. Maybe I’ll start posting again later, but for now, I do not care to blog any longer. It’s […]

I am back from my week or so of absence! I arrived home yesterday, but I was in the mood to do everything but post here… I don’t know why, I just didn’t really feel like writing– today I decided to write the post that I really do not want to: the explanation of the […]



Dear readerfags, I’ll be leaving for the Toronto airport at around 2:00 AM – the annual family vacation to Mexico has come around. I’m looking forward to going, it should be fun, it usually is. I’ll be back in a week, and I’ll post about the vacation and what went down… That is unless the […]

When Divergent’s readers bother to talk back to whatever I write, that little interaction pleases me. It feels nice to have someone state an opposite opinion, as long as it isn’t something stupid such as “SARAH PALIN IS NOT A DUMBASS, SHE IS TOO SMART, YOU BIG MEANIE.” – We all know that would just […]



We’ve been without a post for three days! Egad! I’ve been a little busy lately, and I wasn’t really at my computer all of yesterday, I wouldn’t have had time to post. I looked at Divergent a few minutes ago and realized that I haven’t posted. School has kept me very busy, also, another excuse […]

An Apology


I apologize for the inactivity on the 20th of August. I decided to take matters of fixing the aged athlete that is my computer into my own hands. The machine was getting slow, nearly groggy; and it croaked with every click of my mouse. Reformatting is such a simple task, but RAID thwarted my initial […]