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In general, human knowledge is all of the knowledge and research we have put together as a race. We’ve learned all about our own bodies, other animals, and even space. But what’s really interesting about all this is where it ends. Where does our knowledge end? What truly are our limits as advanced humans? Here’s […]

So it’s 2:13 AM, and my mom walks in my room. I’m sitting here, working on “the big secret” — I mentioned in the last post. She caught me off guard, and I can’t let her know about the secret! I quickly attempted to close the windows and programs containing information about the project, Firefox […]

The Answer


An older man, dressed in full suit stands in front of a not-so-fortunate young man on the street of a busy city. This man stands with proper posture, and speaks with a confident tone, he chooses his words carefully, but never stutters during speech. Mistakes are not made. The young man, with a need to […]



I slept for a little over 12 hours last night; I went to bed at 12 and woke up at 12:04. I assure you I was asleep the moment my head hit the pillow, which is a little odd for me. Sometime during that 12 hours, I had a few dreams that I vaguely remember, […]

Here’s something I’ve been drinking the past few nights, as I have a very itchy throat. The thickness and syrup of this warm drink will coat your throat, and cause the itchiness to go away. Of course you could drink olive oil, but that’s just disgusting. Here are the ingredients needed: – Milk – Chocolate […]

I’ve come to realize that today’s main-stream rap is horrible. Some have already been disgusted by it; and millions still listen to that shit. In my eyes, most of the shit produced after 2003-2004 is horrible. Today’s hip-hop and rap music has been ruined by ‘artists’ such as T-Pain, Lil Wayne, Soulja Boy, and many […]

MLG (Major League Gaming; released a trailer a few days ago. It’s mainly just text, stating “It’s coming.” – with voices in the background saying things like “That’s amazing!” But what gives it away is that there is the sound of a can being opened up, and a drink being poured into a glass. […]