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Here’s something I’ve been drinking the past few nights, as I have a very itchy throat. The thickness and syrup of this warm drink will coat your throat, and cause the itchiness to go away. Of course you could drink olive oil, but that’s just disgusting. Here are the ingredients needed: – Milk – Chocolate […]

Microsoft steals 20% of your speed for it’s own little projects, such as harrasing your computer for information. Essentially something that isn’t vital. So, here’s how we can make it much faster. Click Start >Run >type gpedit.msc in the console. Local Computer Policy >Computer Configuration >Administrative Templates >Network >QoS Packet Scheduler >Limit Reservable Bandwidth Enable […]

A lot of people ask for others to make them sigs, only because they cannot do it themselves. Maybe it’s just that they don’t have the the tools, or the time. But really, by following a tutorial, anyone can create a good looking signature. One thing that most people don’t have are good brushes. Of […]

Hey guys, here with another tutorial. This one is extremely simple, and the outcome is sweet. Of course, you gotta start off with your photo. If the photo you are editing is dark, I wouldn’t suggest using the glow on it. But those MySpace and Facebook pictures you take, with the whole ‘peace sign pose’ […]

The second Photoshop tutorial, this one is pretty simple. Even I didn’t know how to create a border for quite a while, and instead I used lines around the edges of an image. First, we’ll go over borders, quite a simple task, but can make any photo look so much better. This gives it a […]

So, you want to make a cool logo, or a button? Not sure how to accomplish it, and with a clean, polished look? Well, look no further… This may seem not very useful, but it really is. With just a few simple steps, you’ll have a shiny button, and you can make it of any […]