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Graffiti + PC


Tagged on a school desk with a red pencil crayon I found. Also, I’m back bitches, I just got the machine back home. Can’t wait to get back to photoshoppin’ and gaming! Keep your eyes open for a really epic post in the next few days. The only hint I’m giving you is “mouth.” Advertisements



Coming home on the bus today, some girl laughed at me at the end of the ride. I am unsure if it was because I look funny, or the way I had gotten up from my seat and exited out of the front doors. Hmph… Bitch. It seems that I post about my day each […]

What the hell? YouTube is in widescreen now?! Hey, that’s two posts that are extremely short. I’ll try and find an actual article or something about this. This is just odd.

I love you, Monster. Just made somethin’ for myself, but hey.

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As if this does anything.

Gustav and Hanna, two large hurricanes, with winds up to 120 MPH, and heading for a bad place. It’s been around three years since hurricane Katrina wiped out all of New Orleans; and it’ll be happening again. Stores are closing down, people are evacuating… By the end of today, everyone will be closed up and […]



I know this is the type of thing to make your mouthes flap open and shout “OLD!” – But I have to post this. Even though this is years old, and has been seen by millions, it’s shocking how many haven’t seen the movie. Head on over to to see the movie. I recommend […]