That is something I’ve been thinking a lot about recently. Life is just so god damn awesome, if you think about it. I don’t see anything to complain about, if I think positively. I might say that waking up early tomorrow morning sucks, and it yes, it does; but I let it slip out of my mind. I’m no longer sick, I’ve had a generally easy and laid back weekend, course selection for next year is done, and there are 4 more months of school.

Speaking of school: I went in on Thursday, and thought to myself “What the hell am I doing?” — in the courses I wasn’t doing too well in, I stopped trying. I was nonchalant about not doing any work, and acted like not handing anything in was okay.

On Thursday I slapped myself in the face. I went into programming class and tried to write the code, even though I struggled. I actually got pretty far, with a little help from the teacher. All she wants from is a sign that I’m trying, she wants to know I actually care, and then we can work towards getting the credit.

The same thing is going to happen in my Math class. It’s actually really is to just take my books, and write notes. Even if I can’t do the work, I should at least TRY; how do I know I can’t do it? How am I going to have better luck in summer school?

My sister says the positive attitude won’t last long; I’m just not a stick-to-it guy… I hope she’s not right, because I’m really liking the way I’m thinking right now.

It’s all about staying positive, and doing well in my only jobs.

I love laughing, I love smiling; I love making others laugh, and I love seeing a genuine smile on someone else. Your personality can be infectious, and a happy bite spreads positive poison in others. I look forward to next weekend; I look forward to summer; I look forward to next year. It stretches pretty far.

Booger is cute.


I can’t stop coughing. I’m cold. My nose is runny on and off. I feel lethargic and just shitty.

I attempted to take a nap at about 5:00. It didn’t work at all, I need to actually keep my mind on something. I’m coughing all the time, it seems, and I have these horrible, painful fits where it gets to the point it activates my gag reflex, and sets me off for a minute. I just need to keep my mind focused on something and it shouldn’t be as bad. I’m fully clothed, sweater and all, plus blankets, I’m prepared.

I also just downed a teaspoon of honey. Gross– but it seemed to work. Halls just aren’t good enough. I can feel a coughing fit coming up right now.


Generally: Life


So I just finished reading a book for school, “Obasan” (it was shitty), and after I finish, I think about the book for a few minutes. Then I begin to think about what I’m going to have to do as a project involving the book; and how I really wish to explain how bad the book is written. The author constantly attempted to be descriptive, which is good, but she went too far.  Sentences were usually paragraphs, each with 20+ adjectives.
From those thoughts I moved onto school, in general. I actually got really happy.

There are 4 more months of school, and the last one is a joke. So really, 3 months of actual school. February is halfway over.  Next month is Marcho, that means that I have March break somewhere in there. I didn’t even have school today, it was “Family Day” — totally awesome.

It’s great to think how easy school really is… I’m not getting great marks, but as long as I get it over with. I’m going to have to take summer school for math, which sucks, but meh. And summer school won’t even be that bad with just one class. Summer is going to be absolutely amazing.

I don’t have to think of much else in life except school: it is my only (unpaid) job. We were talking after dinner last night, me and the family, about what my sister and I will do when we are older. My dad said that the best job would be an electrician or a plumber. As an electrician, you can go to school, apprentice for two years, start your own business, and pay yourself 50 dollars an hour or something. For me to live reasonably well I’d have to make 35 dollars an hour, we decided. I just want an apartment, internet, cable, groceries, a car, clothing.

100% serious: I’ll be an electrician. I just don’t know where to start.

Tomorrow is Tuesday, and I only have four days of school this week. It’s all just so easy… if you keep it simple.



Last night I told about the secret. It feels really great letting out, and I was more than happy with the reactions I receieved. I was rather impressed of my accomplishments myself, but the comments and talk that followed promptly after me telling family the secret were pleasing.

So here is the secret: Esperanto.

You’re probably thinking “whaaat?” – yeah, Esperanto. Esperanto is an international auxilary language created by L. L. Zamenhof in 1887, or at least that is when he published the first book, which outlined the language and gave general language structure– I think it came with a dictionary, but I’m not really sure. Zamenhof’s goal was to create an easy-to-learn secondary language for anyone and everyone to learn; his idea was that if everyone spoke one language, there would be peace. Verbal disputes in his community that were started because of segregation by language would no longer be a problem.

So pretty much: I am learning this language. I don’t really remember how I came across the whole thing originally, but almost instantly I thought it was a really cool idea, and researched a bit further. I started the FEC in early January, I had nearly zero understanding of the language from the start. This course is a really good idea, and gives people who wish to learn Esperanto a jump-start– you’re assigned a personal tutor, who you can send the lessons to, he or she will then mark your work, and send it back. This isn’t any kind of automated robot type thing, you are actually helped by a real person; my tutor ended up living in Toronto, just about an hour away from me. Even after finishing the course, I still talk to him now and then, on MSN, and it’s really nice to have him there for further direction and help when I need it. (big thanks Detlef!)

I decided to keep it all a secret until I had finished that course and learned quite a lot more. I can speak a little bit of the language, the grammar structure is the hardest part, for me; and once you have that down, it’s just vocabulary and word-building, really. Detlef directed me to lernu.net to look at some of the Intermediate material, and I’m reading through this huge “Gerda Malaperis” PDF file, that comes with stories; on the page before each story you’re given all of the vocabulary in that story.

This entire ordeal has given me a real interest in language; and I think I may even take a Spanish course next year. Learning another language will be even easier with Esperanto. I hope to be fluent by the time I leave high-school; it will probably even come earlier.

Esperanto is awesome.

“Gxis baldaux”

That means, “until soon” – pronounced “jees baldow”

(the Xs indicate accents, when typing it is easier to put an x after the word with an accent, instead of getting the character with the accent)

Monday Yacht


Winterus 2


So hi, here’s what’s going down:

– I’m freezing

– I’m sick of winter

– I may tell about the secret now instead of next month or so

That’s pretty much it. There’s not much to rant about in the way of school, because really, it’s nothing. There’s much to think about, though. If I stay positive about it, and just get it over with each day, I’m fine. My marks aren’t anything great, really, but it doesn’t bother me. I’m working on it.

I found I got a 45% on my Science exam today. I also found out that about 4 people in the class passed. Everybody else was around my level, in fact, the girl that I now sit beside had exactly the same mark.

My science teacher is a bitch, I blame it on her. There’s a rumour she once failed an entire class– that’s just screwed up. I can’t fail that class, I’ll kill myself if I do. There is slim chance I will actually fail, though; because my teacher’s motto is something like “come to class and do the work, and you pass.” — if this is true: I pass.

I haven’t skipped that class once, and don’t really plan to. It doesn’t bother me, except today I realized that the people in that class are just a bunch of gorillas. Some of them are alright academically, but jesus are they ever annoying. I guess I just really don’t like people…

School isn’t a problem if I don’t make it one. I go, get over with, come home, sleep, and do it again. I know that I will fail my Math course, and it’s really a pain. Summer school is going to suck: and if I have to take two courses in summer school I’ll trip out.

The only other classes I could see myself failing are English and Programming; the English ordeal is my own fault completely. If you can read back and remember those few bad weeks I had, I was kind of depressed and angry; nothing was done in class. So this essay was never done, but if I do very good on all of my projects for the rest of the year, I can keep it up.

For Programming, there isn’t much I can do. I just can’t program, it’s not my thing. I started out with an 81% in the class, mainly from others doing work for me, helping me, etc. — but a few kids got caught for plagiarism, and everyone keeps to themselves now. I also found out today that I now have a 51% in the course. The teacher told every student their marks and had a short talk with them; she told me to “ask some more questions” and “hand more stuff in” — seems logical, BUT I CAN’T HAND STUFF IN, MS. TEACHER, IF I CAN’T DO IT IN THE FIRST PLACE.

I acted well about the situation and said “I’ll ask a plethora of questions” I said in several different ways– when she brought up the handing stuff in part, I said “Yeah~ I’ll work on that.”

That class isn’t going anywhere but downhill, but there’s a possibility she will pass me even if I fail. If  my mark gets under a 48 or so she may not be so nice. If I fail Programming, I can’t take it in summer school, I would not receive the credit, and would have to get another credit later on.

So to sum up the last few paragraphs: I don’t want to go to summer school; I know I will be, for Math — let’s hope I don’t fail my English course and take that in summer school; and I may fail my Programming class.

I don’t know what I’m writing about anymore, kay? Bye.

So it’s 2:13 AM, and my mom walks in my room. I’m sitting here, working on “the big secret” — I mentioned in the last post.

She caught me off guard, and I can’t let her know about the secret! I quickly attempted to close the windows and programs containing information about the project, Firefox asked me about closing the tabs I had open. I missed the “Ok” button, and still had a few more windows to close. I turned off my main monitor, as she reached my side.

“What were you looking at?” she questioned.

“Nothing.” I croaked, thinking that she may have seen the secret.

“Something you didn’t want me to see obviously”, my mom kissed me on the forehead.



You’d expect that I was looking at porn or hacking into government websites, right?

In time you will all learn what the big secret is. Just a few more months, hopefully. A key landmark in the project will be taking place sometime this week, and I am really happy to be at said waypoint.

I’ve just kind of realized how unsafe I am being about the secretiveness of this project. There’s a paper on my desk, with enough evidence to figure out what it is I am doing. A simple Google search of some of the things on that paper and you’d fully understand my task.

I’m going to move that paper now. But now someone’s going to come in my room looking for that exact paper!

And I think I should be going to bed now.

Night, TD.